Introduction of LB-7935 Wax Emulsion

2021-12-15   Pageview:290

Appearance : Light yellow emulsion
Emulsification system : Non-ionic
Solid content (%): 35±1
PH value :7.0-9.0
Particle size (nm) : D50:100-200D90:200-400
Solid wax melting point (℃) : 138
Chemical composition :high density polyethylene wax

This product is a wax emulsion developed for the water-based ink and coating industry, which can significantly improve the surface properties of the coating and enhance the wear resistance, slip and anti-adhesive properties of the coating. At the same time, the effect of this product on the gloss of the coating is less than that of the wax pulp.













503 leveling agent is used in pure epoxy and epoxy-polyester powder coatings; 504 leveling agent is used in epoxy-polyester powder coatings; 505 leveling agent is used in polyester powder coatings; dispersed in the gas phase Silica and other fillers can be used in various powder coatings. The technical indicators of a viscous liquid acrylate homopolymerization agent are shown in Table 2-17. The specifications of GLP ptfe modified pe wax equivalent series leveling agents produced by Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd., the largest manufacturer of powder coating additives in China, are shown in Table 2-18. The specifications of general solid leveling agents are shown in Table 2-19.

The general leveling agent does not contain reactive groups, but in order to make the leveling agent have the functions of reducing surface tension and improving the leveling properties of the coating film, it also has the functions of wetting, dispersing, cross-linking and curing. Acrylic acid or acrylate monomer with carboxyl group and acrylate are copolymerized to obtain a multifunctional leveling agent. GLP series leveling agents produced by Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. belong to this type. GLP series leveling agents have the following characteristics:

(1) It can reduce the voltage of high-voltage electrostatic powder spraying, and it can also be painted at a voltage of 20~30kV, which is suitable for the coating of electrostatic friction spray guns.
(2) It has an antistatic effect and improves the powdering rate of the dead corner.
(3) It can increase the gloss of the coating film by about 5%, and it can also act as a brightening agent.
(4) Improve the compatibility of powder coating composition. In most formulations, there is no need to add brightener (commonly known as 701 brightener).
(5) Since the leveling agent participates in the cross-linking reaction, the chemical resistance and aging resistance of the powder coating are improved, and the haze of the coating film can also be overcome.

In order to further improve the leveling effect of the acrylic polymer leveling agent: gloss and anti-interference of the commercial coating film, modified with silicone resin can improve some properties of the coating film. Although the addition of silicone modified internal starter ester polymer leveling agent powder, high-loss tin wash powder coating, does not interfere with powder coatings that add unmodified acrylate polymer leveling agent; but if you add silicone modified The powder coating system of the leveling agent is not cleaned, and when the powder coating is not added with the acrylate polymer leveling agent, it is easy to cause the interference of the coating film.


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