The role of pe wax in hot melt adhesive

2022-01-06   Pageview:273

Polyethylene wax has good stability when applied in hot melt adhesives, and the thermal stability is even better. Thus, it does not precipitate at high temperatures and does not have any effect on the appearance of the hot melt adhesive. The hot melt adhesive produced by adding polyethylene wax has good cold resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali salt corrosion resistance and thermal stability, anti-slip, good fixation, high adhesive strength, excellent temperature resistance, etc.

The performance of polyethylene wax in hot melt adhesive application is as follows.

1, Enhance the infiltration and adhesion performance.

2, Improve strength.

3, Improve the performance after maturation.

4, Adjustment of opening time and curing time.

5, High compatibility (polarity adjustment).

6, Surface performance (glossy, smooth, no precipitation).

7, Better thermal stability (does not affect the resin color, no yellowing)

8, high molecular weight polymer (low volatility, no migration)

Wax is the smallest viscosity component of the hot melt adhesive, increase the amount of wax, can significantly reduce the viscosity of the hot melt adhesive, increase its fluidity, as far as possible, the use of small viscosity, small molecular mass of wax, so that you can increase the amount of EVA or use low MI of EVA. with harder wax can prevent the adhesion of the glue particles, such as polyethylene wax. In addition to choosing the right wax, the amount of wax can also be used to control adhesion. In addition, in some cases, a powder such as talc can be added to the pellets to prevent adhesion.


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