What is the difference between sand grain and wax ?

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Sand grain powder and wax powder are favored by the coating industry for their remarkable scratch and abrasion resistance properties. They are widely used in furniture paint, plastic paint, coil steel coil aluminum coating, UV light curing coating, powder coating, epoxy floor and many other fields.

Sand grain powder and wax powder are both white powder particles, which are likely to be regarded as the same product in appearance? How to distinguish it?

1. Sand grain powder is a crystalline powder whose main component is polyethylene crystal or polypropylene crystal. It has the characteristics of good fineness, dispersibility, high melting point and high melt viscosity, and is generally used in self-drying coatings and baking coating systems. The prepared sand grain paint has a rough hand. It has many particle size specifications, which are determined according to the different thickness and feel requirements of the workpiece paint film. Every 5um is an interval, as fine as 5um and as thick as 100+um. The smaller the particle size number, the finer the hand feel, whereas the larger the particle size number, the rougher the hand feel.

2. Wax powder is a kind of polymer material with waxy properties and special functions as an additive. Its particle size is relatively small, generally 3~10um, and the prepared paint film has a smooth and neat hand feeling effect. According to its material, it can be divided into polyethylene wax (PE wax), polypropylene wax (PP wax), polytetrafluoroethylene wax (PTFE wax), polyamide wax (PA wax) and other materials, which mainly play a role in scratch resistance and wear resistance. It has functions such as viscosity and hardening, and is widely used in inks, coatings, engineering plastics, greases and new materials.

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