5 features of ptfe powder

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PTFE powder can reduce friction and wear, anti-scratch, anti-sticking, lubricating, anti-dripping, improving surface gloss, anti-corrosion, and acting as grease thickening. At present, it is mainly used in engineering plastics, coatings, inks, lubricating greases and other fields.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) ultrafine powder is a low molecular weight micron-sized white ultrafine PTFE powder obtained by a special method, and the molecular weight is generally 10 000 to 30 000 (the molecular weight of suspension grade PTFE is as high as several million). It not only basically maintains the excellent characteristics of PTFE, but also has many unique properties, such as high crystallinity, good dispersibility, and easy to uniformly mix with other materials. Therefore, it is widely used in the blending and modification of polymer materials. Improve the lubricity, wear resistance, non-stickiness and flame retardancy of the substrate, so that the performance of the substrate is significantly improved.

PTFE powder application:
Used in plastics and rubber, it can improve lubricity and reduce friction and wear. Used in inks, it can enhance the abrasion resistance, slip, surface smoothness, and reduce agglomeration. The performance improvement used in the coating system is considerable, and it can be realized: non-stick and wear resistance performance improvement, reduced friction coefficient, increased wear resistance, improved corrosion inhibition, and reduced wettability

Main features:
1. Cold and heat resistance, wide use temperature range, almost no change in properties from -200 to 260 degrees.
2. Chemically inert, stable to almost all chemicals and solvents except alkali metals.
3, non-stickiness, in all solid materials, the surface energy is small, with excellent non-stickiness and release properties.
4. Excellent flame retardancy and weather resistance, very low combustion heat, and will not form a second-degree supply. When used outdoors, there will be no oxidation, surface pollution, discoloration and deterioration of quality.
5. Scratch resistance, select the appropriate model, no deformation, excellent scratch resistance.

In coatings and inks, please disperse or sand at high speed together with solvents and other pigments and fillers. When used in plastics, the micropowder and resin can be mixed uniformly and then pelletized and extruded; the micropowder can also be added to the molten resin (side feeding to the melting section of the screw). Used in grease, it also requires high-speed dispersion.

PTFE Wax Aqueous Dispersion PTFE-1003 (PFOA Free) Chemical Composition: PTFE wax Model: PTFE-1003

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