The Role Of Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax) In PE

2023-10-11   Pageview:172

The role of polyolefin wax in PE and the application of polyolefin wax emulsion in different application fields also need to consider the PH value and temperature of the product system. Polyolefin wax emulsion is a high molecular weight and also It is necessary to consider the impact of different production processes on product performance.

1.Concentrated pigments and filling particles:
It is used as a dispersant in color processing and is widely used in polyolefin color granules. It has good compatibility with polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and other resins, and has excellent external and internal lubrication.
2. Dispersant:
PVC profiles, pipes, and composite stabilizers are used as dispersants, lubricants, and brighteners during the molding process of PVC profiles, pipes, pipe fittings, and PE.PP to enhance the degree of plasticization and improve the toughness and surface smoothness of plastic products. , and is widely used in the production of PVC composite stabilizers.
3. Pigment carrier:
The ink has good light resistance and chemical properties, and can be used as a carrier for pigments. It can improve the wear resistance of paints and inks, improve the dispersion of pigments and fillers, and has good anti-settling effects. It can be used as a flattening agent for paints and inks, making the products It has good luster and body feel.
4. Production of wax products:
Wax products are widely used in the production of floor wax, gasoline wax, glazing wax, candles, crayons and other wax products to increase the softening point of wax products, increase their strength and surface gloss.
5. Cable material:
Used as a lubricant for cable insulation materials, it can enhance the diffusion of fillers, increase the extrusion rate, increase the mold flow rate, and facilitate demolding.
6. Hot melt products:
It is used as a dispersant in various hot melt adhesives, thermosetting powder coatings, road marking paints, and marking paints. It has a good anti-settling effect and makes the products have good gloss and solid feel.
7. Rubber processing aids:
As a rubber processing aid, it can enhance the diffusion of fillers, increase the extrusion molding speed, increase the mold flow, facilitate demoulding, and improve the surface brightness and smoothness of the product after demoulding.

The function of PE wax as an external lubricant is mainly to improve the friction between the polymer melt and the hot metal surface of the processing equipment. It has poor compatibility with polymers and easily migrates out of the melt, so it can form a lubricating thin layer at the interface between the plastic melt and the metal.


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