Dosage of polymer type dispersant

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Dosage of polymer type dispersant
Organic pigment: 20%~90%
Carbon black: 50%~140%
















Modified polydimethylsiloxane defoaming agents have selective and suitable incompatibility in order to meet the incompatibility of different paint types and various formulations, which can not only meet the requirements of defoaming ability, but also have suitable hydrophilicity and lipophilicity. It has a good paint film appearance. People use various polyether and organic groups to modify the main chain of polydimethylsiloxane, and obtain ideal results. Polydimethylsiloxane can also be replaced by polymethylalkylsiloxane. These products are mainly used in solvent-based and water-soluble coatings. The most novel and innovative aspect is the silicone defoamer modified with organofluorine, called “fluoroorganosilicon defoamer”. This kind of product has very low surface tension oxidized wax quote and strong defoaming ability. It is a new product. The direction of development.

Silicone-free polymer defoamer
Not only can polysiloxanes be used as defoamers, but other polymers can also defoam through selective and suitable incompatibility. For example, acrylates and epoxy resins exist.

In such incompatibility. In order to obtain /cH\/cH, a proper balance between “miscible” and “immiscible” (CHy) Si-0+Si-O + Si-0SKCH, ), can be consciously changed RR to change the polymer Polarity and molecular weight (molecular weight distribution) to obtain the products we need for R=organic polyether modification. Compared with silicone defoaming agent R=alkyl foaming agent, polymer type defoaming agent Figure 3-12 Polydimethylsiloxane that will not be modified even if the miscibility of various polyethers and alkyl groups is very good Stabilize foam, which is the advantage of this type of defoamer. However, their defoaming effect may be too weak, or even not at all. As for the exact relationship between the defoaming behavior and the chemical structure of a special polymer defoamer compound, no literature has been published yet.


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