How to add Lanco TF1780 EF

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Adding method
Easy to disperse, can be added with normal stirring. However, when the system viscosity is very low, it should be dispersed with high speed dispersant or sand mill.

Addition amount
Add 0.05-2.0% of the total formulation amount of Lanco TF1780 to improve the scratch resistance and smoothness of the paint film, and check the interlayer adhesion if the amount exceeds 2% of the total formulation amount, and if repair or additional printing is required.












In China, polyethylene powder coatings are the main types of thermoplastic powder coatings, accounting for 90% of thermoplastic powder coatings. There are also many types of polyethylene powder coatings, including weather-resistant, engineering, strong bonding, and antibacterial polyethylene powder coatings. There are also special requirements for drinking water pipes, polyethylene powder coatings for the lining of liquefied gas cylinders, etc., which are widely used in railways, highways, airports, urban roads, garden facilities, large-scale projects, units and residential protective barriers, and also used in In terms of drinking water pipelines, south-to-north water transfer pipelines, and export liquefied gas steel linings, China’s outdoor polyethylene powder coatings have been imported from abroad to localized for ten years. Now the product quality is close to the foreign level.

The technical indicators and film properties of the modified polyethylene powder coating are shown in Table 3-5. This polyethylene powder coating is manufactured according to the following process: First, the modified polyethylene resin, pigments, fillers and additives are pre-mixed, and the wax additives Including plasticizers, antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbers, etc.; then use an extruder to melt and mix, cool and pelletize; then use a fine pulverizer for pulverization, and then sieving and grading to obtain the finished product. In the fine pulverization process Among them, if the freezing crushing (at 100℃) process is used, the effect is good, but the cost is high; currently, the Feng-shui dual-cooling temperature-controlled thermal resin crushing equipment produced by Zhengzhou Metal Coating Research Institute can crush polyethylene powder coatings.

Rice flour under 60 days can basically meet the requirements of producing polyethylene powder coatings. Polyethylene powder coatings commonly used in protective isolation barriers are coated by fluidized bed dip coating. The general process is: workpiece-* preheating fluidized bed dip coating-baking leveling + cooling-finishing- *Check→Packaging. Coating equipment includes: preheating furnace, powder coating fluidized bed, lifting vibration device, baking furnace, conveying device and automatic control system. The energy for preheating and baking furnace can be any one of electricity, gas, diesel or kerosene. Refer to Table 3-6 for the technical details of the reference polyethylene powder coating fluidized bed uncoated equipment. The modified polyethylene powder coating greatly improves the weather resistance, and the artificial aging test proves that it can be used outdoors for more than ten years.


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