Germany silcona HLD-8K/S Wax Emulsion

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Germany silcona HLD-8K/S is suitable for aqueous coating pigment system and can effectively replace BYK 190, TEGO 750W, Lubrizol solsperse 27000

Model: HLD-8K/S
Appearance: Yellow liquid
Active ingredient: polymeric dispersant with pigment affinity.
Solids composition: 79% – 81%
Ionic properties: non-ionic/anionic
PH value: 6.0-8.0
Usage: added to the grinding base before pre-mixing, refer to the recommended formula
Adding amount: 10-35% is recommended in pigments













Wait for pre-mixing in a high-speed mixer; then use an extruder for melt extrusion, mixing, cooling, and granulation; then use air and water double cooling

Hundred, machine torture, ultraviolet absorbent thermoplastic resin crusher (or freeze crusher) for crushing; finally through classification (cyclone separation), sieving (through 60 mesh sieve) to obtain the product. Reference formula for polyethylene powder coating.

The requirements of the Ministry of Transport standard JT/T600.2-2004 for the technical indicators of the polyethylene powder coatings for highway anticorrosion thermoplastic polyethylene powder coatings are shown in Table 38. The appearance quality of the powder coatings shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations in JT/T600.1-2004. ; Volatile content, particle size distribution and melt index are carried out according to the method of GB/T6554-1986. The technical indicators of the polyethylene powder coating are shown in Table 3-9. The gloss of the coating is carried out according to the method of GB/T9754; the tensile strength and elongation at break are carried out according to the method of GB/T1040; the Vicat softening point is according to GB/T1633 The method of environmental stress cracking is carried out according to the method of GB/T1842-1999; the appearance quality, thickness, adhesion, impact resistance, bending resistance, corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, humidity resistance and low temperature resistance of the coating The embrittlement and weather resistance shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of JT/T600.1-2004.

Polyethylene powder coatings in my country are mainly used in the above-mentioned highways, railways, and urban constructions in the protective barriers and pipeline anticorrosion. From the water quality safety considerations, they are used in the lining of drinking water pipes, and the shelves of refrigerators or dishwashers. Bicycle baskets, bird cages, sundries, etc.

Polyvinyl chloride powder coatings are one of the main varieties in thermoplastic powder coatings. Polyvinyl chloride powder coating is composed of polyvinyl chloride resin, pigments, fillers, plasticizers, antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbers and other additives. The embrittlement temperature of polyvinyl chloride resin is 60~50°C, the flow temperature is 150~200°C, the decomposition temperature is 200~220°C, the coating temperature is 160~220°C, and the melting temperature is relatively close to the coating temperature. There are certain difficulties in painting with rice. Polyvinyl chloride resin has poor thermal stability. When heated to 100°C, it begins to decompose and remove hydrogen chloride, and the dehydrochlorination reaction speeds up when it exceeds 150°C.


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