The Role Of Wax Emulsion In Water-Based Ink

2023-05-04   Pageview:132

The role of wax emulsion in water-based ink. As an additive of water-based ink, water-based wax emulsion can better improve the surface properties of water-based ink after film formation, and endow the ink with better wear and abrasion resistance. ability. At the same time, the wax emulsion can also be used as a matting agent, which has a good matting effect.

wax dispertions

Various low-molecular, high-melting wax powders or wax emulsions are often added to the formulation of water-based ink coatings. Rubbing and anti-scratch matting, degassing and texture effects, because in water-based ink systems, wax molecules can play a bonding effect, and wax molecules can be adsorbed on ink filler particles and can be transferred to The top layer of the coating prevents the coating from sticking and sticking back, and does not affect the overall leveling of the water-based ink, and solves problems such as pinholes and craters on the surface of the coating.

Dispersion. After the wax emulsion is emulsified by the emulsifier, the system is relatively stable and the dispersibility is relatively good. When it is added to the ink system, it can be well and evenly dispersed in the ink system, and the compatibility is relatively good. The wax powder itself belongs to ultrafine particles. The finer the wax powder is added, the wax powder will be agglomerated due to the action of molecular force. If it is added to the ink system, if the dispersion is not good, the surface of the ink paint film will be very rough. Rough, not smooth, grainy. But if the dispersion of the wax powder is good, the effect is also very good.

Compatibility. In the preparation of all paint formulations, the overall compatibility will directly affect the performance of the entire product. Therefore, whether it is wax powder or wax emulsion, in the process of use, it is necessary to consider whether other formulations in the formulation will It reacts with it, resulting in poor compatibility.


In the water-based ink system, the effect of the wax emulsion is the same as that of the wax powder, both of which can well improve the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the ink film, leveling and degassing, etc. The biggest difference is the dispersion and compatibility issues.


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