Polyacrylamide flocculating sedimentation agent for drilling

2022-03-28   Pageview:543

Cationic polyacrylamide for wastewater treatment in the food industry. Cationic polyacrylamide product description Cationic polyacrylamide is a linear polymer compound.

Coagulation During the coagulation process, when PFS provides nuclear hydroxyl complexes of various components, each component starts to have various coagulation effects on the particles in the pulp or the colloidal particles in the water. wax in pipeline Those high-valent complex ions with relatively small molecular mass are attracted into the tight layer by the negatively charged colloidal particles and suspended solids in the raw water, which play the role of compressing the electric double layer of the colloidal particles and reducing the zeta potential, so that the colloidal particles can be rapidly destabilized and coagulated. .

The relative molecular mass of the inorganic polymer coagulant increases, the extension degree increases, the number of contacts increases, and the adsorption between particles increases. In the solution, PFS provides a large number of macromolecular complexes and hydrophobic hydroxide polymers, which has a good adsorption effect.

However, the various nuclear hydroxyl complexes of PFS in solution are different from organic macromolecular flocculants, and the relative molecular mass of these macromolecules is much smaller than that of organic flocculants. The size and structural characteristics of its molecules make these complex ions have a strong adsorption and neutralization effect in coagulation. Therefore, the main contribution of the high-valent macromolecular complex ions in the PFS solution in coagulation is to adsorb and neutralize the charge of the colloidal particles. and both intergranular agglomeration.

PFS flocs have large surface area, high surface energy, compact and dense structure, and have a certain strength. During the sedimentation process, the adsorption capacity of colloidal particles is large, and it has adsorption and co-precipitation, and is prone to roll sweep deposition. The sediment volume is small and sedimentation The speed is fast, which greatly improves the coagulation effect of PFS.


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