Performance and Applications of Lanco TF1780 EF

2021-12-20   Pageview:752

The following properties are available:

◆Low coefficient of friction, smoothness

◆Good scratch resistance and abrasion resistance due to the addition of hard wax

◆ Good resistance to metal scratches

◆ Lanco TF1780EF is a fine wax for film coating.

Applications ◆ Can and coil coatings ◆ Varnishes

◆Metallic foil lacquers ◆ Gravure inks

Can be used in the following systems:

◆Acrylic ◆Alkyd◆Nitrocellulose
Nitrocellulose lacquer ◆Polyurethane

◆ Polyurethane
Polyester ◆ Epoxy












In order to improve the weather resistance of polyethylene powder coatings, try to add pigments that are easy to shield from ultraviolet rays, especially black pigments such as carbon black or rutile titanium dioxide pigments. In addition, care should be taken to avoid overheating during processing and in a non-oxidizing atmosphere. It is softened to improve its weather resistance. After adding polybutadiene to the polyethylene resin towel, it can prevent stress cracking. In addition, there are also reports that grafting maleic anhydride (MAH) to polyethylene to improve mechanical properties and adhesion ; Adding anti-gasification agents and UV absorbers can also extend the service life of the outdoor, so the polyethylene powder coating after the political nature can be used for more than 10 years outdoors. The technical indicators and film performance of the polyethylene powder coating

In recent years, there have been reports in the literature about the use of nano-Ti Oz modified polyethylene powder coatings. With the increase in the amount of nano-TiO2, the melt fluidity of polyethylene powder coatings becomes larger. When the amount is 0.25%, the polyethylene powder coating melts and flows. The speed is significantly increased, the melt viscosity is reduced, the fluidity is significantly enhanced, and its processing performance is also improved. At this time, the melt flow rate of the base material was increased from 1.8g/10min of the original rice to 4.4g/10mi, an increase of 144%.

Due to the small particle size of nano-titanium dioxide, it is easy to be coated by resin, coupled with the serious lack of coordination on the surface, showing strong activity, making it easy to bond with polymer histology wax chains, improving the bonding force between molecules, and at the same time There is also a part of nano titanium dioxide that is still distributed in the gaps of the polymer chain. Compared with ordinary titanium dioxide, it exhibits high fluidity, so that the coating film has good leveling properties. In addition, when the amount of nano-titanium dioxide is 0.25%, the yield strength reaches 117kg/cm², an increase of 17%; the tensile strength reaches 120kg/cm², an increase of 17%; the elongation at break reaches 504%, an increase of 367%.

Adding nano-titanium dioxide can reduce the free volume between the pigment and the film-forming material in the polyethylene powder coating, improve the mechanical strength of the coating, reduce capillary action and increase the shielding effect of the coating. After the nano-titanium dioxide modified polyethylene powder coating, The increase in surface activity promotes the combination of nano-titanium dioxide with polymers and substrates, enhances the strength and adhesion of the coating, significantly improves the flexibility of the polyethylene powder coating, and improves the impact resistance and adhesion.


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