The role of acrylic polymer thickeners

2021-08-20   Pageview:888

What are the ingredients and categories of industrial thickeners, acrylic polymer thickeners are the varieties that surely cannot be left behind. Most of the products in the industrial thickening system rely on it to reap the ideal consistency and usher in new heights in form as well as win a better reputation.










This type of thickener belongs to one of the modified acrylic ingredients, which can be used in adhesive, architectural coatings, leather coatings, textile printing and dyeing industries, etc. It mainly has the advantages of easy addition, strong thickening effect and stable consistency. The solution to the lack of consistency at the same time, improve the fluidity and leveling properties.

The current acrylic polymer thickener using more methods is a semi-continuous emulsion polymerization method, which has good polymerization stability, emulsion product particle size uniformity. Under acidic conditions, the polymer wax is mainly dispersed in water as latex particles; under alkaline conditions, the carboxyl groups on the polymer backbone ionize and the molecular chains stretch, while its hydrophobic side chains can form a physical cross-linked network structure through hydrophobic linkage, resulting in significant thickening and thixotropy.

A pre-emulsified seed semi-continuous emulsion polymerization method was used to emulsion copolymerize long-chain alkyl polyoxyvinyl ether methacrylate functional monomers with methacrylic acid, ethyl acrylate, and diallyl phthalate to obtain an emulsion thickener with very low initial viscosity and uniform particle size distribution. The thickener has a good thickening effect on neoprene emulsions and can significantly improve their thixotropic properties, showing good prospects for the application of the emulsion thickener in the range of water-based coatings, inks, adhesives and cosmetics.


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