Application of mju wax:2739

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This mju wax:2739 can also be used for UV ink, to achieve hazy effect, compared with other brands containing too much or too little fluorine caused by the difference between the white spot too big, too small, etc., can be made into a better hazy sense

Appearance: Very fine white micro powder
Drip point: not applicable
Density: 1.04
Acid value: 3
D50: 5.5
D90: 11

* Anti-scratch
*Reduces metal scratches













The melt index of the ethylene + chlorotrifluoroethylene copolymer resin powder coating has a great influence on the leveling of the appearance of the coating. The powder coating formulated with a resin with a melt index of less than 20g/10min has a low powder rate, poor film leveling, and difficult aging. Shrinkage is easy to appear; when the melt index is 50~70g/10min, the appearance and leveling of the coating film are better, and it can be applied thinly; but when the melt index is too large, the coating film will sag.

Lian perfluorinated ethylene propylene powder resin is a product produced by Sanaifu Company, which is made from FR46 resin through stabilization and other processes. The technical indicators of this product are shown in Table 3-27. This powder resin has good leveling properties. It has high density and good thermal stability. It can be coated by electrostatic powder spraying method. The thickness can reach 0.11~0.15mm at a time. It has good recoating properties and can be used for anticorrosive coating.

The coating method is as follows: after the workpiece is pre-treated, the primer is applied and baked, then electrostatic powder spraying and high-temperature baking, repeated spraying to the required thickness of the coating film, generally about 5mm. Note that during use, it should be dried at 100°C for 1 hour before use; the temperature should not exceed 400°C during use, and it will decompose and produce toxic gases when it exceeds this temperature. The high-temperature fluorocarbon resin PVDF produced by Shanghai East Fluorochemical Technology Co., Ltd. T-1 is a linear polymer made of vinylidene fluoride polymer. pe wax malaysia The coating made of 70% PVDF T-1 resin, the coating film made by spraying or roller coating and other processes has excellent weather resistance and processing characteristics, in line with the American standard AAMA 2605, high-temperature fluorocarbon resin PVDF T- 1. Technical indicators. The high-temperature fluorocarbon resin PVDF T-2 produced by the company is a powdered polyvinylidene fluoride product with low molecular weight. Compared with other brands of PVDF products, PVDF T-2 is more suitable for powder preparation. PVDF fluorine-alkali coating. The technical indicators of high-temperature fluorocarbon resin PVDF T-2.

The powder coating prepared by these two resins is suitable for high-end decorative materials with ultra-weather resistance requirements such as architectural aluminum profiles, metal curtain walls, large building skylights and roofs. Traditional The thermoplastic fluororesin powder coating product is polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), but it has disadvantages such as poor surface flatness, too thick coating and high cost. Although the development has a history of more than 30 years, it limits the promotion and promotion of this product. application. After years of hard work, Huixu Micropowder (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has applied ultrafine powder coating technology to PVDF powder coatings, which solved the problems of coating thickness and poor surface smoothness, and greatly reduced coating costs.


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