What Is The Function Of Adding Wax To Hot Melt Marking Paint

2023-01-04   Pageview:407

What is the role of wax in hot melt marking paint? Hot-melt marking paint, composed of oleoresin, EVA, PE wax, pigments and fillers and other materials, it is in powder form at room temperature, heated to 180-220°C with a hot-melt kettle, and it will flow after 3-5 minutes while stirring Shape, spread to the road surface to form a strong coating film.

It has the characteristics of full line shape and strong wear resistance. During construction, reflective beads are sprinkled on the surface, which has a good reflective effect at night, and is widely used in expressways and urban roads.

There are many kinds of raw materials for hot-melt marking coatings. In summary, there are three kinds of substances, namely, the main film-forming substance, the secondary film-forming substance, and the auxiliary film-forming substance. In layman’s terms, it is mainly synthetic resins, pigments, fillers, additives, reflective materials and other aspects. Let me introduce to you respectively:
(1) Synthetic resin is the main component of the coating film. It is a substance that is melted by heating to bond various materials together and give the coating a certain viscosity. This substance must be thermoplastic and must have good compatibility with various substances in the application. Light color, good heat and weather resistance.
(2) Pigment is an important part of paint, and it is generally a powdery solid insoluble in water or oil.
(3) The filler is the extender pigment, which accounts for about 50%-60% of the total weight of the paint in the hot-melt marking paint.
(4) Although paint additives only account for a small proportion of the total amount in the paint formula and are not the main film-forming substances, they have a significant effect on the production and performance of paint.
(5) The application of reflective materials is the biggest difference between hot-melt marking paint and normal temperature solvent-based paint. It is precisely because of the excellent night-time reflective performance of hot-melt coatings that its application in certain areas has an incomparable effect than normal-temperature solvent coatings.

It is used for the preliminary treatment of the road surface before the hot-melt marking paint is applied, and it is the adhesive between the hot-melt marking paint and the road surface. The organic solvent in the primer is very easy to wet the road surface. While wetting the road surface, the resin in the primer covers the coated road surface and forms a coating film, which is conducive to the combination of the paint and the formed coating film at high temperature, and enhances the adhesion between the marking line and the road surface. The standard application of hot-melt marking paint primer can avoid the phenomenon of coating film peeling and coating film cracking in the construction of hot-melt marking lines.


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