Application areas of OIT preservatives

2021-10-22   Pageview:478

OIT has a strong ability to kill mold, use * effect is significantly better than the traditional anti-mold agent, is a polymer materials, leather, artificial leather and microfiber anti-mold agent of the new generation of products.

This product can also be used in emulsion, paint. Paint, lubricant, shoe polish, bamboo and wood products and cultural relics protection and many other products of anti-mildew. The recommended dosage is 0.3-1.5% (w/w) and can be applied by impregnation or spraying method.














Light-curing paint refers to a type of paint that cures quickly under the action of light. Since ultraviolet light source (UV) is generally used as a radiation curing light source, this type of paint is commonly known as UV paint. Compared with other types of coatings, the most significant feature of light-curing coatings is the fast curing rate. It may be the fastest drying and curing coating among all kinds of coatings at present.

It usually takes only a few seconds or It can be cured completely within a few tens of seconds to meet the requirements of use. Another advantage of light-curable coatings is that during the curing process, almost all components participate in cross-linking polymerization, enter the film layer, and become part of the cross-linked network structure. It can be regarded as a 100% solid content coating, which is environmentally friendly. . Only powder coatings have this feature in traditional coatings. However, the characteristics of light-curing coatings that are fast and cold-cured at room temperature are beyond the reach of powder coatings. Baking coatings and powder coatings need to be heated after coating to promote solvent volatilization and chemical cross-linking reactions. In contrast, light-curing coatings greatly save energy. Generally, coatings can effectively use ultraviolet light sources, and because of the curing rate Soon, in fact, the efficiency of energy utilization is greatly enhanced. In summary, the characteristics of light-curing coatings are quick-drying, environmental protection and energy saving.

The main film-forming material of light-curable coatings is prepolymer and reactive diluent that can be cross-linked and polymerized. Similar to traditional solvent-based coatings, it also uses leveling agents, defoamers, matting agents, surface slip agents and other additives and filler. In addition, in order to achieve light curing, a photoinitiator must be added.


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