Application of Wax Emulsion in Cigarette Pack Printing

2022-03-21   Pageview:253

The application effect of water-based glazing oil in cigarette packaging and food packaging boxes is mainly that it does not affect the gloss of the original printed matter, and the water-based glazing oil has good wear resistance, which protects the packaged products from damage and is resistant to yellowing and resistance. UV rays, extending the life of the product. In the process of printing and packaging, the water-based varnish has fast conjunctiva, high temperature resistance, good heat sealing performance, smoothness and anti-rolling, and solves the phenomenon of sticking after printing.

1. The performance of water-based varnish is better than that of oil-based varnish:

The biggest feature of water-based varnish is that the water-based varnish of the glazing product has no taste and odor impact on the product. After glazing, the surface has fast film formation, high smoothness, strong abrasion resistance, no yellowing, good glazing film elasticity, and high gloss. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of moisture-proof, waterproof and oil-proof, and its product performance far exceeds that of oil-soluble varnish.

2. The viscosity of wax emulsion in water-based varnish:

The reference dilution viscosity of water-based varnishes is 20%. Excessive dilution will reduce gloss and abrasion resistance.

The factory viscosity of water-based varnish is 35-80 seconds (25°C, “coating-4 cups” measurement), and the printing factory can dilute it according to actual needs. The dilution method has a great influence on the comprehensive performance of the varnish.

3. The problem of the brightness of water-based varnishes:

Water-based varnish is used in the printing and packaging of food, medicine, playing cards, cigarettes, and children’s toys. To the system, in order to meet the requirements of brightness.

Wax emulsion is a very important part of water-based varnish system. The types of wax emulsion mainly include paraffin wax emulsion and polyethylene wax emulsion. Skin feel.


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