Application of nano titanium dioxide photocatalyst in ceramics

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The ceramics made by adding 0.5% of nano titanium oxide photocatalyst have high catalytic activity, antibacterial, self-cleaning, anti-fouling and deodorizing functions.















Corrosion inhibitors similar to the US patent, as well as A leo ph or827 from Henkel. Henkel recommends that Alco ph or 827 be used in conjunction with the anti-corrosion pigment zinc phosphate, which can achieve an anti-corrosion effect equivalent to that of the chromate system. Reduce the toxicity of the system. A leo ph or 827 is suitable for various solvent-based paints. The optimal dosage of Alco ph or 827 is 1%~2% of the total paint amount, and it should be added to the abrasive before grinding.

Other zinc salts and coordination compounds
The use of water-based paint on the surface of steel has limited its application due to corrosion that occurs during the drying process of the paint. The type of corrosion is flash corrosion, synthetic wax price which is caused by any contact between the steel surface and the water in the paint. Usually, adding corrosion-inhibiting salts can resist flash corrosion, such as sodium nitrite, sodium benzoate and sodium borate. However, these water-soluble salts increase the water sensitivity of the dry paint film. SER-ADFA 179 developed by Biel eman of ChemischFabriekSERVOBV is a metal compound that can be emulsified in water, which can be decomposed into hydrophobic compounds during the formation of paint film, and is incompatible with water. It is an organic nitrogen compound containing zinc and carboxylic acid functional groups. Biel eman compared SER-ADFA 179 with water-soluble salts as flash inhibitors. The results showed that SER-ADFA 179 and sodium nitrite have the best performance as flash inhibitors, while SER-ADFA 179 performs in high-humidity experiments. optimal.

In US Patent No. 4, 243, 416 and 4, 234, 417 (1981), Grourke and Flynn disclosed the anti-flash and corrosion resistance of zinc ammonium carbonate and zinc ammonium molybdate to latex paint effect. The coordination compound can be directly added to the paint or added by mixing zinc oxide and ammonium carbonate. Zn(NHg), the coordination compound is partially dissociated, releasing zinc ions, and has a corrosion inhibitory effect. The coordination compound provides zinc oxide but exists in water-soluble form, so it can be directly added to human latex paint.


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