The role of oxidized polyethylene wax

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The chemical properties of oxidized polyethylene wax are very excellent. It has good compatibility with fillers, pigments and polar resins. It is superior to polyethylene wax in lubricity and dispersibility. It is an upgraded version of polyethylene wax.

1. Features

Oxidized polyethylene wax, also known as OPE wax, oxidized polyethylene for sale, OPE wax has special properties such as low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness, non-toxicity, good thermal stability, low high temperature volatility, and excellent dispersibility to fillers and pigments. It has excellent lubricating properties and strong internal lubrication.

2. Advantages of oxidized polyethylene wax

Excellent performance, improve production efficiency, in addition to low production cost, can improve the production efficiency of plastic processing, reduce production cost, because the molecular chain of dry oxidized polyethylene wax has a certain hydroxyl group, so their compatibility with polar resins is remarkable. Improved, better than polyethylene wax.

Excellent lubricity, improve the surface finish of the product, and effectively improve the quality of the product. The internal and external lubrication of PVC is relatively balanced. It is widely used. One product is widely used. The agent can also be used as the raw and auxiliary materials for the production of the dry-spun fine-strained carabiner wax leather spear softener.

Application of oxidized polyethylene wax
1. PVC foam products promote plasticization and improve later demoulding.
2. It is used as a lubricant in the processing of PVC films, profiles, pipes and plastics.
3. It is used as dispersant, lubricant, brightener and coupling agent for pigments or fillers such as concentrated color masterbatch, polypropylene masterbatch, additive masterbatch, filler masterbatch, etc.
4. Used as rubber and plastic processing lubricant, release agent and compatibilizer.
5. It can also be used as raw and auxiliary materials for the production of textile softener, car wax and leather softener.


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