Application of Sago®-7600 adhesion promoter

2021-11-28   Pageview:466

1, Sago®-7600 improves adhesion by direct bonding with metal surfaces, increases paint film flexibility, improves paint film ductility (such as T-bend required for coil coatings) and impact resistance.

2, Sago®-7600 improves the corrosion resistance of the paint film to a certain extent.

3, Sago®-7600 has acid functional effect, which can catalyze the cross-linking of melamine system at baking temperature, and can effectively promote the cross-linking reaction of amino lacquer, so the amount of cross-linking catalyst or baking temperature can be reduced or eliminated.

4, Sago®-7600 has obvious help to the dispersion and anti-sink of inorganic color fillers.

5, Sago®-7600 effectively improves interlayer adhesion without affecting recoating.













Brightener is not used in foreign powder coating formulations, but it is a commonly used additive in domestic powder coating formulations. In China, in epoxy, polyester epoxy and polyester powder coating formulations, a considerable number of manufacturers have to add brighteners, especially those who use acrylate homopolymerization leveling agents, which are used in conjunction with brighteners. As mentioned above, the GLP series leveling agent produced by Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. is a multifunctional leveling agent, and the manufacturer believes that there is no need for an external brightener. The test results show that after adding brightener to epoxy and polyester epoxy powder coatings, the appearance of the ptfe modified pe wax for sale coating film has been significantly improved, and the effect in polyester powder coatings is not as obvious as the previous two powder coatings. e-ec~ The commonly used brightener is a copolymer of butyl acrylate and methyl methacrylate. It is a colorless and transparent solid. The softening point of the resin is 95~125℃. Some are called brighteners, which can also be used under certain conditions. To improve gloss, commonly known as 701 additives, some manufacturers also use other codes.

Brightener is a thermoplastic resin, which is a brittle solid at room temperature. In order to make it easy to disperse in formula materials, it is generally crushed into powder for use. When the softening point of the resin of the brightener is low, because the glass transition temperature of the resin is low, the crushed powder is easy to agglomerate in the hot summer, so some manufacturers add some fillers to prevent agglomeration.

The test results show that the amount of brightener in the powder coating formulation is appropriate based on 1% to 2% of the total film-forming substance. In the process of melting and forming the film of the powder coating, the brightener often migrates to the surface of the melt due to the compatibility problem with the resin, and cannot initiate a chemical cross-linking reaction. If the amount is too large, it will affect the impact strength of the coating film. , So the addition amount cannot be too much. In order to ensure the accuracy of the formula, it is necessary to confirm the content of the active ingredient of the brightener, and then calculate the addition amount in the formula.


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