Application of Fischer-Tropsch wax in the paper packaging industry

2022-01-08   Pageview:471

The moisture resistance, water resistance and air resistance of paper packaging products have always been the focus of attention in the industry. When paper packaging products are exposed to moisture, the strength will be reduced, resulting in rupture or collapse of the packaging, which will not only lose the protective function of the packaging, but also affect the appearance of the packaging, and in serious cases, directly damage the quality of the packaged goods.

With Fischer-Tropsch wax as the raw material and adding various auxiliary raw materials and additives, we can prepare protective wax for paper products, which is mainly used to improve the moisture-proof and water-proof performance of paper products packaging, protect the packaged products and enhance the safety and health performance.

After the packaging material is dipped in wax, the surface of the packaging material can form a continuous layer of water and oil repellent film, which can play a protective role, and also improve the printing effect on the packaging material, improve its gloss and toughness. Compared with Fischer-Tropsch wax, salicylates, alkenyl succinate glycosides, arabinoxylan-hydrogenated palm kernel oil and other packaging raw materials are expensive, complicated to operate, inconvenient to use, and even very individual products are toxic, odorous, flammable, polluting the environment and harmful to the body.

1. Wax emulsion in the field of textile, non-woven, paper with fiber waterproofing applications

Wax emulsion for paper waterproofing is used in textile, nonwoven and paper fibers to improve the water repellency of textile, nonwoven and paper fibers.

2. Wax emulsion in thermal paper coating application

Wax emulsion is used in thermal paper coating, mainly for supermarket printing paper and labels, which can effectively combine with thermal layer to prevent excessive wear of thermal print head.

3. Wax emulsion for food packaging paper/box coating

Wax emulsion is applied to the coating of food packaging paper/boxes to make the paper surface moisture-proof (water vapor) and oil/grease proof.

For the characteristics of paper product packaging boxes, paper product billboards and food product packaging, etc., Fischer-Tropsch wax has the advantages of cheap, easy to use, non-toxic and excellent quality as a raw material for packaging.


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