Fischer-Tropsch Wax(FT Wax) Improves The Processing Performance Of PVC Products

2023-07-27   Pageview:252

Fischer-Tropsch wax(FT Wax) improves the processing performance of PVC products. In the processing of PVC resin, the choice of lubricant is very important. It is an important requirement for lubricants to achieve the same lubricating effect with a small amount of addition. Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax exactly meets this requirement.

Fischer-Tropsch wax(FT Wax) has good compatibility with PVC and can be used as an internal and external lubricant. Acts as a good internal lubricant to effectively control shear conditions, facilitate flow, control friction and melting properties, thereby improving thermal stability. At the same time, due to its high crystallinity and high linearity structure, Fischer-Tropsch wax enables PVC products to obtain the best physical and processing properties.

Fischer-Tropsch wax(FT Wax) and PVC processing stabilizer have obvious synergistic effects, which can effectively prolong the thermal stability time and increase the adjustment range of process temperature. Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax with high melting point is especially obvious in CPVC resin processing. Due to CPVC resin processing The narrow adjustment range of process parameters increases the difficulty of product processing. The selection of Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax with high melting point can effectively improve the post-processing lubrication of CPVC products and improve the appearance and mechanical properties of products.

Fischer-Tropsch wax can effectively improve the precipitation of small molecular impurities during product processing. When it comes to the precipitation of small molecule impurities, many people think that it is caused by the excessive amount of lubricant, but in fact, it is not always the case. If there is too much lubricant, it will definitely migrate to the surface of the product, especially in the production of PVC pipes. Impurities will adhere to the die and gather scorch, making the surface of the product dull.

The precipitation of impurities on the surface of PVC processing is more of the precipitation of small molecular substances in the stabilizers used, especially the calcium-zinc stabilizers. Impurities will precipitate after a period of production, and some are even more serious. The impurities even adhere to the sizing sleeve. If appropriate Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax is added to the formula to maintain the balance of internal and external lubrication, the surface precipitation of impurities can be effectively reduced.


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