Application of epoxy phosphate ester adhesion promoter XYS-1985-22 (1)

2021-11-26   Pageview:552

XYS-1985-22 can be used in one-component heat-curing coatings and ink systems such as amino baking paint and closed polyurethane primer. It has good adhesion promoter for cold-rolled and galvanized steel, stainless steel, electroplated substrates and some plastics such as PBT, nylon and other substrates, improves the adhesion of inorganic materials that are difficult to adhere to, and improves the chemical resistance of the paint film.















According to reports, doping with nitrogen can shift the photocatalytic activity of nano-anatase titanium dioxide to the visible light region.
Products of nano additives, such as BY K’s nano alumina series additives, Nano by k-3600, Nano by k-3601, Nano by k-3602 and Nano by k-3650; Zhejiang Zhoushan Mingri Nano additives, etc.

Both emulsion and latex paint use water as the dispersion medium. The freezing point of water is high and freezes at 0°C, which brings inconvenience to the transportation and storage of latex paint in winter. With the addition of each formula component, the freezing point of water will drop, and the decrease can be calculated according to the freezing point drop formula [14],
AT=(RTM/AH.X 1000) m; =Kjm;
In the formula, the gas constant of R is 8.319J/(mol·℃);
To- solvent freezing point, K;
M- the amount of solvent substance, mol;
AH, — solvent fusion heat, cal/mol (Ical=4.1868J);
Ki=RTM/AH×1000, for water, K, -1.855;
mj-——molar concentration of solute, mol/kg.
Where Wi——the mass of solute, gi
W——solvent quality, gi
M-the amount of solute substance, mol.
Sometimes, the conventional composition can not meet the requirements of low temperature stability of latex paint, so it is necessary to add antifreeze to further reduce the freezing point. Antifreeze is generally a small molecular weight organic compound with a high boiling point and good miscibility with water and emulsion. Commonly used antifreezes are propylene glycol, ethylene glycol and glycol ethers. From an environmental point of view, propylene glycol is better.


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