How to choose lubricant for PVC ?

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There are many kinds of lubricants, and each specific product has specific different characteristics, so we can be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each specific lubricant product and the usage method, which will help us to design a better formula.

1, Molecular structure of lubricant.

The understanding of the molecular structure of the lubricant, including the functional group, chain length, single and double bond, branch chain, isomerization, etc., can help us to make a preliminary judgment on the performance of the lubricant.

But in chemistry, the same kind of substance, there is a small difference in structure, which may lead to a world of difference in performance. For example, the properties and effects of the same molecular structure of a substance sometimes cis and trans chemical structures can be very different. So when examining a lubricant, the molecular structure can only be the initial performance determination, and it can’t be too hasty and arbitrary.

2, Polarity of lubricant.

PVC is polar material, lubricant is polar or non-polar material, which can be defined as internal lubrication and external lubrication.

Polarity must grasp the word “similar” or “similar”. If it is the same polar material, but the polarity difference with PVC is big, it will not be very good soluble.

3, Heat resistance of lubricant.

The heat resistance of lubricant refers to the ability of lubricant to resist the decomposition of heat or the change of material performance by heat. The environment of lubricant is in the high temperature material, machine screw, screw barrel, mold, if the lubricant has been decomposed by heat or material performance change under the temperature of use, it will not be able to play the role of lubrication. At the same time, the residual material decomposition by heat decomposition will also affect the performance and appearance of PVC products. We often see the defects such as scorched material in the die and drawn surface of the products, which are often greatly related to the decomposition of lubricant under heat.

Tianshi polyethylene wax for PVC products has stable batch rheological properties, delayed plasticization, good lubricity and heat resistance in the later stage.

Advantages of polyethylene wax for PVC products

1, High softening point, low viscosity, high molecular weight and low heat loss.

2, With strong external lubricating effect, compared with ordinary conventional polyethylene wax, it can delay plasticization and reduce torque.

3, With easy dispersion, improve the gloss of products.

4, Good compatibility, anti-precipitation.

5, Good demoulding property, better metal stripping property, long continuous production time.

6, Good thermal stability in the later stage, no oligomer, paraffin, etc. No precipitation, no migration.

7, Environmental protection, passed ROHS, heavy metal testing.

Application of polyethylene wax for PVC products

1, PVC wood plastic industry
2, PVC wide foam sheet industry
3, PVC large diameter pipe, profile industry
4, PVC threading pipe industry
5, PVC cable material industry

The applicable varieties of polyethylene wax, the amount of addition depends on the content of the powder in your formula system, equipment capacity; also according to the technical requirements of your product quality specially made.


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