What polyethylene wax should choose for stabilizer?

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The proper application of the lubricant is the key to the success of the stabilization system. Therefore, it is particularly important to master the principles of their addition.

Paraffin wax, polyethylene wax, polyethylene oxide wax, stearic acid, and calcium stearate are commonly used lubricants in the extrusion process of plastic profiles. The following are the principles for adding these lubricants to different stabilization systems.

1, Organic tin system.

Organic tin stabilizer does not have lubricating effect and poor dispersibility. Therefore, in the use of organic tin stabilizer, should be appropriate to increase the paraffin wax and calcium stearate and a small amount of polyethylene wax composition lubrication system can provide sufficient internal and external lubrication balance required for processing, and there is no pollution and toxicity.

2, Lead salt system.

Because some of the lead salt itself has external lubrication, in the lead salt stabilization system, using polyethylene wax or polyethylene wax oxide for external lubrication, the amount of additives should not be too much, generally in 0.01 ~ 0.05 parts, if the formula of other additives without lubrication, the amount of additive can be increased, generally 0.1 ~ 0.5 parts.

3, rare earth system.

Because the rare earth itself does not have lubricating properties, the general manufacturers of rare earth stabilizers are configured according to the extruder shear properties of different varieties of lubricants. The use of rare earth stabilizer, should be based on the extruder shear performance to choose. Or in the trial production, according to the profile forming situation, use polyethylene wax and calcium stearate to make up for the lack of internal or external slippage in the stabilizer, in order to balance the processing needs.

Polyethylene wax is mainly used for external lubrication, with strong external lubrication, and also has good lubrication in the middle and late stage of molding process, which can be regarded as the middle and late stage lubricant, and is suitable for the production of products with more complicated sections. It can be used in lead salt stabilization system, non-toxic calcium and zinc compound stabilization system and rare earth compound stabilization system. For example, TS-5024C, TS-5023B and TS-5052 of Tianshi wax powder have excellent lubricity and are used in all types of PVC processing process, especially in PVC calendering and extrusion process, which can obviously improve the plasticization of PVC and improve the mechanical strength of products; they are used in high temperature hard material processing and have outstanding anti-sticking and anti-burning properties. Oxidized wax powder is mainly used as external lubricant for hard and soft PVC processing to improve torque, reduce precipitation of organic tin and lead salt stabilization system, high external lubrication and demoulding effect, without affecting the Vicat thermal change temperature and impact strength of products.


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