Characteristics and uses of PTFE wax

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The addition of PTFE greatly improves the slip and scratch resistance of the PE wax powder, resulting in a very good synergistic effect. PTFE wax has high hardness, good particle shape and relatively concentrated particle size range, neat molecular weight, easy to disperse, and good abrasion resistance.

1, Paint and Coating:
PTFE wax can be used as an additive in coatings to improve its release performance, surface abrasion resistance, lubricity, chemical resistance, weather resistance and water resistance. It can also be used to improve the surface structure of paints and coatings and increase gloss. PTFE wax can be used in wood, plastic, industrial paint etc., to play a good hand feeling and anti-scratch effect.

2, Ink:
PTFE PE wax can be used as an anti-wear agent in inks, which can improve abrasion resistance, lubricity, surface brilliance, and can also improve agglomeration and gloss. It can be used in various inks such as silk screen, gravure, back printing, surface printing, etc. It has the functions of anti-precipitation, anti-blocking, anti-scratch, anti-sticking and friction resistance, while providing a smooth and soft hand feeling and better hydrophobicity Sexuality and closure.

3, Oil and grease:

PTFE wax is an ideal additive to improve oil and grease high and low temperature lubricants. It can be added to high-viscosity special lubricants (perfluoropolyether oil, silicone resin, fluorosiloxane, hydrocarbon lubricant). It can improve the service life and lubricating performance of lubricants, especially in high temperature and corrosive environments.

4, Powder coating:

PTFE wax can be used in powder coatings, can improve the surface hardness, slippage, abrasion resistance, have a certain matting effect also.

The engineer recommends the amount of PTFE wax to be added (specifically, it is recommended that you pass the test):

1, In different systems, the amount of wax micropowder added is generally between 0.5-3%.
2, Usually can be directly dispersed in solvent-based coatings and inks by high-speed stirring.
3, It can be added through various grinders and high-shear dispersing equipment. When using grinders, pay attention to controlling the grinding temperature.
4, It can be pre-dispersed to prepare a wax slurry with a wax powder concentration of 20-30%, and add it to the system when needed, which can reduce the dispersion time of wax powder.


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