What is heat resistant additive for asphalt ?

2022-01-19   Pageview:436

Asphalt as a viscoelastic material, asphalt performance from elastomeric to plastic body transformation, stiffness modulus significantly reduced, the ability to resist deformation sharply decreased. Asphalt high-temperature performance is an important indicator in the evaluation of asphalt pavement road performance.

Modified asphalt is a viscoelastic material, its deformation is elastic, delayed elasticity and viscous deformation, the first two will recover immediately after the removal of external forces or gradually fully recovered, while the latter can not recover and become permanent deformation. The addition of modifiers will improve the elasticity and delayed elastic deformation of asphalt, and reduce viscous deformation. Modified asphalt standards usually use the softening point and viscosity of these two indicators to reflect the asphalt in high temperature conditions of the use of performance.

Waterproofing companies in the production and application process, often encounter difficulties in improving asphalt high-temperature resistance to take into account low-temperature flexibility and viscosity and other issues, to polyethylene wax as a representative of the asphalt with high-temperature additives can significantly improve the modified asphalt high-temperature resistance, and low-temperature performance, viscosity impact is small, in the actual production of asphalt-based waterproofing materials are widely used.

High temperature additives for asphalt is a polymer as the main component, through a certain process to prepare a uniform granular, powder or flake, used to improve the asphalt high temperature performance of modified materials. Application properties mainly include softening point, 130 ℃ viscosity, segregation and low temperature brittle point.


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