Product introduction of concrete release agent

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It is a non-toxic, odorless, environment-friendly milky white liquid with small surface tension and easy flow spreading, which can significantly reduce the surface tension of the coating film and has very good slip and release effect. It has dilutable characteristics and is widely applied to aluminum alloy and steel products and other molds, making the surface of concrete products clean and free of yellow spots and pockmarks, etc. It can well avoid the subsequent plastering drums and putty peeling and other phenomena.

Tianshi recommended model: LW-201 LW-203 LW-202 LW–204

I. Main indexes

1. Appearance: Milk white emulsion

2. PH: neutral (7~8)

3. Corrosiveness: non-corrosive

4. dosage: please contact the engineer for specific dosage and use according to the engineer’s instruction

II. Use method

1. Clean the formwork before applying the release agent, no rust and concrete scale.

2. Brush the release agent evenly on the mold, or use spraying method, spray directly on the mold, wait for the release agent to dry and then pour the concrete.

3. The formwork painted with release agent should be prevented from rain before use, and if it is rained, it should be repainted with concrete release agent.

III. Precautions

1. The concrete release agent and water should be mixed well in the ratio of 1:3 before use.

2. When using the release agent, it should be evenly painted, and should not be missed.

3. The release agent should not be used in rainy days.

4. The release agent should be stored in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

IV. Packaging and storage

1. 25kg/barrel, 50kg/barrel, 200kg/barrel, or according to user’s requirement.

Product advantage:
This product is water-based emulsion, neutral in acidity and alkalinity, does not react to concrete and aluminum mold, and is harmless to human body, it is an efficient and environmentally friendly mold release agent. After brushing on the formwork, 15-30 minutes, it will form a transparent protective layer on the aluminum mold, so that the concrete will not stick to the formwork, and this release agent will not be left on the concrete wall, so it will not cause adverse effects on the subsequent works. It saves manpower, protects the aluminum mold and prolongs the service life of the aluminum mold.


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