What is the function of concrete release agent

2022-01-22   Pageview:172

Isolating agent in the industry, also called release agent, mold release agent, mold release water, mold release oil, etc.. In the processing of rubber products, it is used to isolate the mold and rubber, to prevent the surface of rubber products or semi-finished products and mold bonding together.

There is also construction, manufacturing concrete walls, prefabricated panels, stairs, etc., we need to use the isolating agent, the isolating agent will be applied to the aluminum alloy formwork, pour into the cement concrete, wait for half a day or 24 hours, you can go directly to the next formwork, if there is no isolating agent, in taking down the formwork, will make the surface of the concrete products puddle uneven, the surface is not smooth.

The role of concrete isolator: to make the formwork and concrete separate, easy to remove the formwork down.

Concrete release agent plays four roles:

1, Easy to dismantle the formwork and save labor.

2, No injury to concrete.

3, less injury to the formwork, increasing the number of times the formwork is reused.

4, No adverse effect on the subsequent construction such as plastering of the concrete surface after demoulding.

The role of concrete isolator: is the need to use the mold molding or processing of products, in the production process, the use of isolators, the manufactured products and mold isolation, to facilitate the smooth removal of the product from the mold later, and does not damage the mold and product.

Concrete release agent is a water-based polymer type release agent developed for non-toxic, odorless, environment-friendly milky white liquid, with the characteristics of low surface tension and easy flow spreading, which can significantly reduce the surface tension of the coating film and has a very good slip and release effect. It has dilutable characteristics and is widely used in molds of aluminum alloy and steel products, etc. It makes the surface of concrete products clean and free of yellow spots and pockmarks, etc. It can well avoid the subsequent plastering of hollow drums and putty peeling and other phenomena.


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