Introduction of A PTFE Dispersion

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Product name:  PTFE Dispersion
Chemical structure:  (-CF2 – CF2 -)n


1, Impregnation of glass fiber and asbestos, plastic anti-flaming agent.
2, Impregnation of glass fiber and asbestos, especially for medium and high grade non-stick coating
3, Impregnation of glass fiber and asbestos.
4, Impregnation of glass fiber and mesh cloth
5, Impregnation of glass fiber and asbestos,high grade non-stick coating(PFOA free)。
6, Non-stick coating with high brightness, high adhesion performance and high film forming requirements

Physical and chemical properties:
Milk white or light yellow liquid, the solid content of the product is about 60%, the particle diameter is between 0.2um-0.4um, the surfactant content is between 2.0-7.0%, and the pH value is between 8-10. The product has excellent flame retardancy and non viscosity.

Storage & transportation:
Not classified as hazardous for transport. During transportation and storage, avoid heavy shaking, high temperature and below 0℃.  After three months, shaking the drum every week to avoid the deposition.

Packing specification:
ptfe dispersion in solvent
25kg small barrel, 1000kg large barrel package.

PTFE Wax Aqueous Dispersion PTFE-1003 (PFOA Free) Chemical Composition: PTFE wax Model: PTFE-1003

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