What are rubber pre-dispersion aids?

2022-01-22   Pageview:613

Rubber auxiliaries are chemicals that bring higher added value to rubber products and can reduce costs. Pre-dispersed rubber auxiliaries are the upgraded products of traditional rubber auxiliaries, with the advantages of no dust, easy dispersion, suitable for automatic weighing and automatic continuous low-temperature mixing, improved mixing efficiency, good storage stability, etc. They are increasingly valued by the industry and have been applied in rubber products in large quantities.

What are the advantages of rubber additives pre-dispersion?

1, Environmental protection. Avoid workshop dust pollution and protect workers’ health.

2, Better dispersion and uniformity.

3, Good compatibility with rubber material, can save mixing time.

4, Easy to weigh, suitable for automatic continuous favoritism, easy to transport and store.

5, No loss during processing, making the quality stable between batches.

Rubber wear-resistant agent, PTFE wax micro powder (PTFE) is a good self-lubricating material, because its polymer molecules are non-polar molecules, easy to form a low shear strength transfer film on the anti-wear surface, which can improve the frictional wear performance of rubber. At the same time, its very low surface energy can also improve the anti-adhesive property of rubber.

Application of rubber wear-resistant agent:

It is mainly used in tires, shoes, rubber products, wires and cables, etc.


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