Pigment dispersant Suractent180S dispersant for water-based color paste

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1. Pigment and color paste

Usually, the pigment cannot be used directly, because of its large particle size, it can only be better ground after it is formulated into a color paste. Color paste is a kind of pigment slurry, which is developed by using different pigments through strict processing technology through surface treatment and surface wrapping of pigments. Due to the small particle size and large specific surface area of ​​the pigment particles in the color paste system, the pigment particles are easily attracted to each other, resulting in the agglomeration of the pigment particles and the phenomenon of precipitation or stratification. In order to ensure good dispersibility of pigment particles in the pigment paste system, the dispersing effect of dispersants is required. Dispersants can better display various properties of pigments, such as improving gloss, improving tinting strength, increasing color development, reducing flocculation, and increasing hiding power.

2. Dispersant for water-based color paste – Suractent180S dispersant

Pigment dispersion is to open the pigment aggregates and agglomerates to form fine particles, which are uniformly distributed into the continuous phase to obtain a stable suspension, including three processes of wetting, mechanical pulverization and dispersion stabilization. Dispersion stabilization is the process of preventing particle re-agglomeration by generating repulsion between the pulverized particles. There are many commercial dispersants.

Suractent180S dispersant is a dispersant agent for water-based systems. It can uniformly disperse the solid particles of inorganic and organic pigments that are difficult to dissolve in liquids, and can also prevent the sedimentation and agglomeration of solid particles. Suractent180S dispersant has high dispersing efficiency, can reduce the grinding viscosity, inhibit the agglomeration of fine particles, and help the formation of finer particles; it has good stability, can maintain the high stability of the system for a long time, and avoid the deposition of solid phase.

Suractent180S dispersant is not only a high-quality dispersant for preparing water-based liquid colorants, but also can be used to prepare solid colorants. A company’s water-based instant color paste powder is a fine-grained solid color paste prepared by a special process, which uses Suractent180S dispersant to wet, grind, disperse and stabilize primary pigments, giving it good instant and dispersibility.

As a new type of coloring material, water-based instant colorant powder can be quickly dispersed and dissolved in water without grinding. It has poor color development and is easy to use. It can be directly mixed with paints and is suitable for coloring in various water-based systems. And Suractent180S dispersant plays an important role in it.


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