Thickeners in paint win customers’ favor

2021-08-22   Pageview:782

Water-based coating thickener has good rheological properties. Water-based coating thickener adds thickening, which makes the pigments of the plant chemically stable, and enables it to have strong fullness after film formation, no delamination and no anti-thinning.










Waterborne paint thickener improves the rheological and leveling properties of waterborne coatings by increasing the high shear viscosity and low shear viscosity, giving waterborne coatings similar rheological properties as solvent-based alkyd coatings. Compared with traditional waterborne thickeners, the thickened systems are improved in terms of film formation, brushability and apparent performance.

Our company has long been cooperating with DOW, Dow Corning, Huntsman, Momentive, BASF, Degussa, Wacker, OXEA, Clariant, ARKEMA,, Solvay, etc. cooperate to provide good solutions for wax powders !


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