How to make good sanding powder?

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Sanding is the second largest variety of texture powder after wrinkles, aluminum profiles are a large amount of sanding, sanding is a better variety of powder to do, the plate surface is not easy to be contaminated, good cleaning machine, and can be sprayed thin, the film thickness of 40-50 microns can be. Sanding often encountered problems, one is how to do fine and smooth, the second is resistant to fingernail scratch, the third is the extrusion pressure sheet dry difficult to squeeze.

First of all, most of the sanding agent belongs to fluorine resin or wax-based substances, mainly in the form of cotton wool or powder, moisture absorption and pressure easy to agglomerate, resulting in uneven dispersion in the powder coating, there are many times we will find that the production technician, obviously, the first cylinder to adjust the luster, and then after the cylinder squeeze the sample spray plate found that the luster is not right, or crushed the first box to check the luster can be, to the back of the box number to check the luster and run, the color is not right. Color is also not right, this time is very likely that your sanding agent dispersion is not good, we can control the extruder temperature at the same time, the sanding agent with barium sulfate diluted well and then added to our raw material mixing, and then extruded, so that the luster will be relatively stable, will not cause the difference between each cylinder and each cylinder luster.

How to solve the 3 major problems mentioned above.

a, choose the suitable formula material, coordinate the formula structure, some resins reflect too slow, not adapt to do sand grain, and vice versa will lead to very coarse texture, sand grain agent dosage increase, increase the cost.

b, the formulation of the sand grain agent and pongy soil shall be reasonable with, can not be the pursuit of low-cost increase the amount of pongy soil, will lead to sand grain texture three-dimensional sense of poor; fill punch l material dosage should not be too much, control in 40 percent below the more reasonable, high and low oil absorption of the species should be properly matched.

c, control the powder particle size, as fine as possible, can also be appropriate in the formula to add leveling agent to increase the smoothness.

d, sand grain scratch resistance, this performance is a lot of manufacturers headache, especially below 6 degrees of gloss sand grain, nail scraping is easy to have marks, how to do a good job this performance, according to experience we first try to choose a fast reflecting resin, so that it is completely and thoroughly cured, add good quality polyethylene wax or PTFE wax, add functional fillers as appropriate, of course, there are also good scratch-resistant sand grain agent on the market, can improve the smoothness of the texture surface, really has a smooth but not hard effect, so that nail scraping without marks or less marks.

For a very sandy sand pattern, extrusion pressure is a difficult, extruded material is dry, like twist, it is difficult to go down between the pressure roller. First of all, we should add less oil-absorbing filler in the formula, such as calcium powder, talcum powder, mica powder, etc., and the proportion can not be too much, and then the catalyst dosage control, such as adding waste or too much ultra-fine powder, the so-called practice makes perfect, there is a recipe is to add some water into the mix, extrusion when the water vaporization can make the extruded material foam softened good extrusion good pressure sheet.


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