Coating drying performance measurement method (2)

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Actual drying time measurement method

Actual drying refers to the actual drying time of the coating film after the surface drying, the surface of the coating film is all formed solid, with finger pressure coating film also does not remain fingerprints, stabbing the coating film with a finger sharply, in the coating film surface also does not leave a scar state determination of the actual drying time of the coating film.












Amphoteric alkyl mizoline salt antistatic agent 101 is prepared by using 1-hydroxyethyl-2-alkyl-2-imidazoline fischer-tropsch wax liquid as the basic raw material and undergoing amphoteric reaction with monochloroacetic acid. The reaction formula is as follows:

Alkyl amino acid salt antistatic agent
Strictly speaking, there is no direct cationic group in the structure of alkyl amino acid salt compounds, but because the amino group in the molecule can form an amine salt, the amine salt has cationic properties, so it is customarily classified as a zwitterionic antistatic agent. . Alkyl amino acid salt antistatic agents generally include three structural types, namely alkyl amino acetate, alkyl amino propionic acid and other types of antistatic agents
Other types of antistatic agents include organoboron antistatic agents [I11, polymer permanent antistatic agents, etc. Here is a brief introduction of organoboron antistatic agents.

Organoboron antistatic agents are non-ionic semi-polar surfactants, which have good antistatic properties, durability and thermal stability, as well as unique antibacterial properties, safety and hygiene.
The chemical structure of the organoboron antistatic agent is the mono(di)fatty acid ester of the boric acid dipolyol monofatty acid ester and the boric acid dipolyol ethylene oxide adduct. The typical structure of boric acid dipolyol monofatty acid ester is as follows:
CH OHCHy OCCi y Has its synthesis method mainly includes 3 ways. ① It is obtained by the reaction of boric acid or boric acid ester with glycerin and then esterification with fatty acid, fatty acid ester or fatty acid chloride.


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