5 features of water-based adhesion promoter FZ3667-C

2021-11-24   Pageview:726

1, As a classic adhesion promoter, it still has the function of adhesion improvement even for substrates such as PP, PE, glass and recycled paper which are difficult to adhere.

2, Very strong wet adhesion, can significantly improve the initial adhesion of glue or coating.

3, Reduce surface tension, you can reduce or even do not have to add other wetting agents, that is, to reduce the cost. And avoid the annoying foam problem.

4, Low resin viscosity, conducive to the synthesis of high solids formula, so as to achieve the effect of fast drying.

5, No solvent, environmental protection.













Chlorinated Paraffin-60 Chlorinated Paraffin-60 is also known as chloroparaffin-60 and chlorohydrocarbon-60, and its molecular formula is C isHa aCl, or Czs Has Cha. This flame retardant is liquid oxidized paraffin with high chlorine content, transparent, light yellow liquid. Density (25℃) 1.36~1.37g/cm², viscosity (25℃) 40Pa·s. The chlorine content is 60%, the thermal stability is 0.20~0.50gHCl/100g, the chemical stability is good; it is resistant to acid, weak alkali and salt solution. The hydrogen chloride can be removed when the temperature rise exceeds 150℃ or when alkali and alcohol solvent are added to azeotrope to generate higher olefins. Contact with polytetrafluoroethylene wax sds water at the same temperature is prone to hydrolysis.

Highly chlorinated paraffins are usually used as flame retardant additives. In addition to improving the fire resistance of plastics and rubber, it can also be used as a flame retardant additive and plasticizer for fire retardant coatings. At the same time, it can be used as a fire retardant and plasticizer in the flame retardant finishing of fabrics. It is used for the surface flame-retardant technical treatment of flammable fiber materials such as wood, wood products, paper, cardboard, fabrics, etc., and acts as a flame retardant and plasticizer.

Chlorinated Paraffin 70 Chlorinated Paraffin 70, also known as chloroparaffin 70, chlorohydrocarbon-70, molecular formula Cz sHao Cl 22 or C24H2sClz 1, relative molecular weight 1060~1100, this product is a white or light amber powder. The crystal is a resin-like transparent and brittle solid, and it has a viscous rosin when kneaded by hand. 70% chlorine content, softening point ≥95℃, and density d1.66~1.7, particle size 50 mesh, insoluble in water and lower alcohols, soluble in higher alcohols, acetone and benzene solvents to a limited extent, soluble in tetrachloride Chlorinated solvents such as carbon have good compatibility with many polymer materials. Introduce various resins and other high polymers to improve flame retardancy and improve fluidity.

The chemical properties of this product are similar to other chlorinated wax products. When the temperature of chlorinated paraffin-70 exceeds 150°C, the stability gradually deteriorates. As the temperature increases, the thermal stability is 175℃×4h, and 1% chlorine chloride begins to escape. Sensitive to light and heat, it is a good organochlorine flame retardant. It is mainly used as a flame retardant in fire retardant coatings. It can be used as a flame retardant treatment agent for the surface of fabrics and packaging materials.


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