Multifunctional thickener for ink coatings

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What is the multifunctional thickener for ink coatings? What are the raw materials and benefits of the multifunctional thickener for ink coatings?

The printing industry uses a lot of ink, how to reduce raw materials to reduce costs without compromising the quality of the finished product. A good way to improve this problem is to increase the ink paint thickener. Multifunctional thickener for ink coating is an advanced non-toxic and environmentally friendly product with excellent thickening, gelling, adhesion, emulsifying, suspending and film-forming effects. As a thickener and suspending agent, it is mainly used in chemical industries such as high-grade inks and coatings.

Mechanism of multifunctional thickener for ink coatings:
1. Light bond thickening: Add a hydroxyl group donor to the resin, and the resin molecule as a carboxyl group donor can bond with one or more hydroxyl groups to form hydrogen bonds and thicken. This method takes time, possibly from 5 minutes. By a few hours, a higher consistency is achieved. The pH of such substances is acidic, and heating the dispersion to 70°C (but not above) can accelerate thickening. Commonly used polyhydroxy and polyethoxy reactants: nonionic surfactants, solvents, polyols, ethylene glycol-silane copolymers, fully hydrolyzed polyvinyl alcohol, etc.

2. Salt thickening; the more common method is to turn the acidic resin into an appropriate salt, so that the curled resin molecules are opened and thickened. In polar solvents such as water, it can be neutralized with sodium hydroxide (alkali, NaOH), potassium hydroxide (KOH), ammonia water (NH4OH), etc., and easily form salts; in less acute or non-acute solvents, organic Amines are used for neutralization. When resin is used as emulsifier, in order to make the oil/water emulsifier have better stability, it is necessary to double neutralize the resin with water-soluble inorganic base and oil-soluble organic amine to generate water-soluble salt and oil, and in oil. It acts as a bridge between the phase and the water phase.

Where are the good ink paint thickeners?
The ink thickener contains organic solvents and does not contain organic tin compounds. It is a non-toxic, low-odor and environmentally friendly rheology modifier. The ink thickener product has high thickening efficiency and can be used as the first choice thickener or auxiliary thickener for water-based products. At relatively low dosages, ink thickeners can effectively increase shear (KrebStormer) viscosity. dispersing agent paint Ink thickeners are selected as thickeners and high molecular weight cellulose thickeners, which can improve the fluidity and leveling properties of coatings, improve the splash resistance of coatings, improve the stability of microorganisms and enzymes, and reduce the cost of raw materials.

It has the following 5 advantages.
1. Directly reduce the amount of raw materials and greatly reduce the cost
2. Good opening effect, allowing users to feel the quality of the product when opening the can
3. It has a good improvement on the fluidity and leveling of ink and paint, and will not splash everywhere
4. Easy to disperse, simple to operate, saving manual processing time due to lack of consistency in various problems
5. High content and low addition, cost-effective


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