What Kind Of Wax Is Used For PVC Transparent Products

2023-02-20   Pageview:278

What kind of wax is used for PVC transparent products? At present, various waxes mainly play the role of lubricant in the processing of PVC industry, and are basically used in industries such as hard pipes, profiles, foam boards, calendered sheets, a small amount of injection molding parts and blowing materials

TS-5020 is a high-density oxidized polyethylene homopolymer, which is specially used for PVC transparent products. It has excellent performance in the application of transparent products, especially for PVC transparent products made by extrusion process. TS-5020 has been proved to be an indispensable part. Since transparent products have high requirements on lubricants and transparency, general external lubricants will affect the transparency, but TS-5020 does not affect the transparency of transparent products and can also help release the mold. It has been recognized as the market the most effective product on the market.

PE wax is an excellent lubricant among the known plastic lubricants that can have both internal lubrication and external lubrication (release effect), while maintaining a high degree of transparency, and has little effect on gelation. In addition, the low volatility of PE wax is extremely important for calendering and vacuum degassing.

As an internal lubricant, PE wax has good compatibility with polymers. It plays a role in reducing the cohesion between polymer molecules in the polymer, thereby improving the internal friction and heat generation of plastic melts and melt liquidity.
The role of PE wax as an external lubricant is mainly to improve the friction between the polymer melt and the hot metal surface of the processing equipment. It has poor compatibility with polymers and is easy to migrate from the melt to the outside, so it can form a lubricating thin layer on the interface surface between the plastic melt and the metal.


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