Application of water-based coatings in the automotive field

2022-04-22   Pageview:543

Water-based paint is a paint that uses water as a diluent and does not contain organic solvents. It is non-toxic and non-irritating. It is harmless to the human body and does not pollute the environment. change, easy to use and so on. Water-based paints include water-soluble paints, water-dilutable paints, and water-dispersible paints.

Water paint has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, non-flammable and non-explosive, ultra-low emission, low-carbon and healthy, and can be widely used in wood, metal, industrial coating, plastic, glass, building surface and other materials. From a long-term perspective, coating with water-based coatings is the trend of future development.

Used for: automotive coatings

With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the amount of automotive coatings is also increasing. Automotive coatings mainly include primers, middle coatings, and topcoats, of which topcoats are further divided into natural paints and metallic flash paints. The water-based process of automotive coatings is carried out gradually from the bottom to the surface. At present, more than 90% of primers use water-based paints, 88% of automotive intermediate coatings have also adopted water-based technology, and the application of water-based metallic flash primers exceeds 65%.

The successful application of waterborne coatings in the automotive industry is mainly due to the following aspects:

1, water-based coatings are low-carbon and environmentally friendly. Compared with traditional oil-based car paint, the emission of harmful substances VOC in water-based paint is 70% lower than that of oil-based paint, which is conducive to protecting the environment and conforms to the development trend of low-carbon environmental protection.

2, the water-based paint itself has excellent performance. In terms of vehicle painting, high density polyethylene wax emulsion for pud paint, water-based paints have better leveling, adhesion, and wear resistance, which makes the topcoat more vivid and full, and resists stone and scratches. The functions are closer to the quality of the original factory, which is more in line with the consumer needs of car owners.

3, water-based coatings are the main trend in the development of the automotive industry. From the perspective of the coatings industry, the replacement of oil-based coatings by water-based coatings is conducive to the reorganization of resources in the industry and the survival of the fittest.

4, the application of water-based coatings can help reflect the social responsibility of automobile companies and enhance their corporate image. Water-based automotive coatings have good performance and are low-carbon and environmentally friendly. They can not only improve the service quality and image of automotive companies, but also have positive significance for protecting the environment and help shape the image of companies taking social responsibility.

5, the application of water-based coatings provides a safer and healthier environment for auto painting workers. Water-based paints contain a lower proportion of harmful substances, helping to protect the health of painters.


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