Functional Yarns and Fabrics

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In the field of textile consumption in the future, functional yarns and fabrics will become the most popular products.

There are several areas of concern.

sports clothing

Sports and fitness will become the main components of public life. The functional requirements for sports clothing are more concentrated in moisture absorption, quick drying, elasticity and light weight.

For outdoor sports, there are special needs for functions such as anti-ultraviolet, moisture absorption and ventilation, and waterproof and anti-mosquito.

“Sharkskin” swimsuit made of oxygen-resistant elastic yarn + ultra-fine nylon yarn
Professional athletes’ clothing also has more special requirements. For example, the imitation shark skin swimsuit can significantly reduce the resistance of water flow. Sportswear with the function of sending far infrared can promote blood circulation and stimulate the muscles with micro-current, which can help restore fatigue and improve competition performance.







Occupational clothing With the social division of labor and economic development, almost all occupations have their specific clothing functional requirements. In addition to good wearing comfort, professional clothing also needs to add new functions according to the nature of its work. For example, professional clothing in the industries of banking, insurance, securities, and real estate, in addition to the good imitation wool effect, must also have anti-fouling and machine-washable functions. It’s hard to imagine a bank clerk in a suit but covered in dirt making a good impression on a client.

Cut-resistant gloves made of high-strength high-modulus polyethylene fibers and high-strength stainless steel wires

Police security and other security riot work, coats, gloves and hats need to have protection functions such as anti-cutting and anti-stabbing. Professional clothing in the fire protection and metal smelting industries needs the most flame-retardant and heat-insulating functions. Doctors, nurses, and epidemic prevention professional clothing need to have antibacterial, deodorant, antifouling, and even antivirus and airtight isolation functions. wax emulsion uses percentage The work clothes of chefs and catering waiters should have good anti-fouling properties, and oil stains and vegetable stains should not be stained.

The main material used in Kevlar body armor is an aromatic polyamide organic fiber (aramid), which can effectively dissipate and absorb the kinetic energy of bullets.
Military clothing is a special occupational clothing. According to the different arms, the requirements are more complex and diverse. For example, the southern navy has long been in a state of salty, high temperature and high humidity, while the northern frontier soldiers are in a cold and dry environment, and engineers often work under high temperature and scorching sun… The most classic example of functional textiles is special fabrics made of high-strength fibers. Body armor.

Consumers of health functional clothing in the future will pay attention to their own health, and their requirements for clothing fabrics will also generate many business opportunities.

Active Warming/Cooling Clothing Using Portable Energy Conversion Elements

For example, children’s clothing with zero formaldehyde, thermal clothing made of thermal insulation and heating fibers, anti-mite bedding, graphene fiber fabrics with the function of promoting blood circulation and health care, fiber fabrics that can release negative ions, clothing that actively heats or cools, and realizes intelligence for environmental changes. Clothing that responds…


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