6 Ways to Dye Yarn

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Yarn (including filament) has been dyed for nearly a thousand years, and hank yarn has been used for a long time. It was not until 1882 that the world had the first patent for dyeing of bobbins, and later beam dyeing appeared.








1 hank dyeing

The spun yarn or filament is transformed into a hank yarn that is connected in a frame on a reeling machine, and then the dyeing method of dip dyeing in various forms of dyeing machines is hank yarn dyeing.

2 bobbin dyeing

The spun yarn or filament is wound on the bobbin full of holes (the winding density is required to be appropriate and uniform, generally referred to as “loose tube”), and then it is set on the yarn carrier of the dyeing machine (also known as flat plate, Hanging tray, creel, etc.) on the dye column (also known as yarn bamboo, spindle, plunger, etc.), put it into the bobbin dyeing machine, and by the action of the main pump, the dye liquor penetrates between the bobbin yarns or fibers Cycle, the way to achieve dyeing is to dye the package.

3 warp dip

According to the requirements of the hue and quantity of the warp yarns of the dyed fabric, the original yarn is wound on the perforated coil tube on the loose warping machine to form a loose warp beam (it can be regarded as a large bobbin), and then it is installed in the dyeing machine. On the yarn carrier of the machine, and put it into the warp beam dyeing machine, by the action of the main pump, the dye liquor penetrates and circulates between the warp beam yarns or fibers to achieve dip-dyeing, and the method of obtaining warp yarns with uniform color is called Transaxle staining.

4 warp padding

Warp pad dyeing is mainly used in the production and processing of denim with color warp and white weft. It is to introduce a certain number of dilute shafts into each dyeing tank, and after repeated multi-dipping, multi-rolling, and repeated ventilation and oxidation, the dyeing of indigo (or vulcanization, reduction, direct, paint) dyes is realized. After pre-drying and then sizing, warp yarns with uniform color and luster can be obtained, banaxol we 30 paraffin wax emulsion, which can be directly used for weaving. The dyeing tank in warp padding can be multiple (sheet machine) or one (ring machine), this equipment used in conjunction with sizing is called sheet dyeing and sizing machine.

5 Yarn Pad Dyeing (Ball Dyed)

This is also a special dyeing method for denim warp yarns. The dyeing process is to first bundle 400 to 500 original yarns into a spherical shape, and then combine several bundles (such as 12 bundles, 18 bundles, 24 bundles, 36 bundles) yarns in multiple dyeing Repeated multi-dipping, multi-rolling, and multi-ventilation oxidation in the tank to achieve indigo dyeing, and then dividing and sizing. Acrylic tow can also be pad dyed.

6 Special dyeing method of yarn

Like fabrics, yarns are also partially dyed, such as knuckle, segment, tie-dye, print, discharge, gradient, etc.


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