The role of PE wax in PVC

2021-05-21   Pageview:780

Stabilizers must be added in the process of producing PVC, which is caused by the poor thermal stability of PVC. Pe wax is one of the important additives, which can play an excellent effect of lubrication and dispersion. The polyethylene wax products produced by Tianshi can effectively improve the thermal stability of PVC and the fluidity of the processing process, increase the extrusion efficiency of PVC products, improve the surface gloss of the products, and effectively reduce the precipitation phenomenon in the processing of PVC products.

1, Compared with fatty acid-based lubricants, PE waxes do not favorably affect melt tension and Vicat softening point, and provide excellent anti-sticking and flow control. Special processing methods can be used to control the melt with PE wax. Good compatibility with other components even at high addition levels.
2, PE wax PVC can both internal and external lubrication (demoulding effect) while maintaining a high degree of transparency, and has almost no effect on gelation as an excellent lubricant.
3, The low volatility of PE wax is very important for calendering and vacuum degassing.
4, As an internal lubricant, PE wax has good compatibility with polymers and plays a role in reducing the cohesion between polymer molecules inside the polymer, thus improving the internal frictional heat generation and melt flow of the plastic melt.
5, As an external lubricant, PE wax improves the friction between the polymer melt and the hot metal surface of the processing equipment. It is less compatible with the polymer and easily migrates outward from inside the melt, so it can form a lubricious thin layer at the interface between the plastic melt and the metal.
6, High softening point polyethylene wax will become liquid, viscosity in the production process  of PVC. Polyethylene wax (PE wax) dispersion is not good, but the brightness is very good, making the production of PVC surface smooth, brightness.


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