What is amide wax?

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Properties: Appearance: white, light yellow powder or particles

Polyamide wax:
It is a low molecular weight wax prepared by polycondensation of dibasic acid and diamine. Polyamide wax is rich in hydroxyl and amide groups, which can form strong hydrogen bond chemical forces and form a network structure, thereby increasing the viscosity of the system to achieve anti-settling and anti-sagging.

Each polyamide wax is entangled with each other to form a needle-like network structure. When external stress is applied, the network structure is broken and becomes a single needle-like independent structure. When the external stress or shearing force disappears, they form a new one. Winding network structure.

Polyamide waxes are often used as rheology control additives and anti-settling additives. When added to paint formulations amide waxes do reduce gloss but impart a satin texture to the coating.

1, Amide Wax based rheology modifiers for paint system, it can also be used in Ink, Coatings, PU sealants etc. excellent thixotropy in various kinds of coating systems. It can provide good thickening, anti-settling and anti-sagging effect. Has good thixotropy, suitable for various kinds of solvent coating systems. Especially in marine paint and anti-corrosive paint, it can form a mesh structure with the effect of anti-settling and anti-sagging.
2, Amide wax can improve the grindability when used in NC Nitroncellulose and acid cured resin those paint systems.
3, When used in powder coating, Amide wax can increase its charging state; In some porous surfaces like iron casting, it acts as degassing agent;
4, When Amide wax works together with the HAA and benzoin curing system, it can reduce the yellowish of the benzoin.


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