How to make scented candles?

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As we all know, candles are in great demand abroad and have long been one of my country’s important export commodities. However, in the past, this kind of candle was only limited to make it have a beautiful artistic shape. If it can make it emit a flame with bright colors, its sales market will be wider. Therefore, in recent years, the development of scented candles has attracted the attention of many manufacturers at home and abroad, and the research and development has progressed rapidly, and commercial production is being formed.

Paraffin Wax TP-52B Model: TP-52B Chemical Composition: Paraffin Wax

​Production method:

1. First, put the raw materials (that is, crayons, paraffin wax, etc.) in an insulated container and heat it with water. Do not let the water come into contact with the raw materials, and when you use pure white paraffin, and you want the final candle to have a color, you can put the crayon scraps in and dye it.

2. Use a thimble to fix the wick (that is, the cotton thread) at the bottom of the mold (cup, paper cup), then straighten the wick and wrap it with chopsticks for a few turns to get stuck on the mouth of the cup.

3. Pour the gradually melted wax into the model. At this time, you can drop the essential oil and mix it evenly.

4. If you want a candle with a color gradient like a cocktail, just wait for the paraffin wax supplier philippines, candle to solidify before pouring in a new layer.

5. When the raw material is completely cool and solidified, just take it out and pull the wick into a suitable length, and you’re done.


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