Paraffin emulsions for wood-based panels

2021-12-30   Pageview:509

Man-made panels include fiberboard and particleboard two, both of which are wood industry wood products, its composition in addition to wood fiber or wood chips, but also need a certain ratio of glue, so that the wood fiber or wood chips after hot pressing process gluing molding.

A certain amount of paraffin emulsion is mixed with the glue to make the board water resistant and improve the surface finish. Because of the small particle size of paraffin emulsion, in the manufacturing process of man-made board, through effective emulsion breaking, tiny wax particles can be precipitated from the water phase and evenly adsorbed on the wood fiber.











Polyol is ethylene glycol, neopentyl glycol, trimethylolpropane, etc.; acid anhydride is trimellitic anhydride, etc. From the consideration of powder coating film leveling, mainly use binary functional groups mainly, and then with the use of a small amount of ternary functional groups of compounds, and in a considerable number of occasions, ternary functional groups of compounds is added to the polyester resin of the city end group, so that the impact on the powder coating film leveling is relatively small.

If ternary alcohol or carboxylic acid is used in the non-end group part, how to lubricate pvc pipe it is beneficial to increase the
However, considering the leveling of the coating film, the dosage must be controlled.
It is necessary to control well to ensure the powder coating and film performance.


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