Sasol Technologies Narrow Distribution Isotridecanol Ethoxylates

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Sasol isomerized tridecyl alcohol polyoxyethylene ether MULTISO 13 series has the following characteristics due to the special multi-branched structure of the raw material alcohol (isomeric C13 alcohol):

· Excellent washing and decontamination ability;

· Excellent penetration performance and excellent wetting effect;

· High surface activity, resistant to hard water;

Good chemical stability in a wide pH range;

· synergistic effect with other surfactants;

· Good environmental compatibility;

· Less odorous than C11 alcohol and tetrapropylene ethoxylates.

Its excellent penetrating and wetting abilities make it suitable for use as a wide range of high-efficiency detergents, household cleaners and I&I cleaners. sasol wax south africa, It is one of the best alternatives to NPE-10 (nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether) so far, so it can be widely used in industries and products that require strict biodegradability.

In addition to conventional isomeric 13-carbon alcohol ethers, there are also Sasol technology-narrow distribution isomeric 13-carbon alcohol ethers MARLOSOL TA series.

Has the following characteristics:

· Low freezing point, good low temperature fluidity;

· Good wetting properties;

· Excellent emulsifying ability;

· Strong degreasing and washing performance

· low foam;

· Good compatibility with other surfactants.

It is suitable for use in the formulations of various powders, liquid detergents and other cleaning agents, and can be widely used in civil and industrial fields. because

Its excellent emulsifying properties are also suitable for use in a variety of liquid personal cleansing products.


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