The performance characteristics of Juntanazine

2021-10-30   Pageview:670

1, low toxicity broad spectrum of various Gram-positive or negative bacteria, mold have strong inhibitory power, long sterilization time.
2, both the role of inhibition.
3, has a strong formula compatibility, long duration of action, small odor, small skin on the operator, etc.
4, for the paper industry weak alkaline, alkaline operating environment, no corrosion of equipment.
5, can reduce fiber degradation, improve paper strength.













Although the aging process of polymer coatings is extremely complicated, the main aging result comes from photo-aging, and it is mainly manifested as photo-oxidation and photo-degradation of the polymer. Under the action of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, the structural groups in the organic coating, or light-absorbing additives and impurities, absorb light energy, and may directly break the chemical bond, or under the action of oxygen, a photo-oxidation reaction may occur, which ultimately leads to the polymer chain It breaks and paraffin sasol wax produces a large number of oxidation groups and small molecule oxidation products on the polymer chain.

Although common polymers have a low probability of chemical bond rupture under the action of ultraviolet light, generally only 10-5~10 one, that is, after the polymer directly or indirectly absorbs a photon, there is only one thousandth to one hundred thousandth chance The chemical bond breaks, but the sunlight has a long duration of exposure to the polymer, and the cumulative effect is quite amazing. For example, the polymer of lem° can absorb about 10* photons from the ultraviolet rays of the sun in one year, so it can be photo-cracked 10~10″* times in one year [4]. Therefore, the photo-aging performance is for outdoor use of the coating. One of the key indicators, among the common polymers, only PTFE has high light stability.

Most polymers exist due to the existence of weak bonds, sensitive groups, and catalytic and photosensitive impurities. Different degrees of light aging tendency. Therefore, the light stabilization of the coating is an indispensable protection project. There have been quite a lot of reports on the light stabilization of traditional solvent-based coatings and heat-curing coatings, and they have appeared. Many mature light stabilization measures, the main method is to add light stabilizing additives to the coating formulation, mainly including light-absorbing pigments, ultraviolet light absorbers and photooxidation inhibitors, to inhibit the photoaging process and extend the service life of the coating.


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