The Role Of Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax) In Rubber

2022-09-19   Pageview:643

Polyethylene wax(PE Wax) is widely used in the chemical industry and can significantly improve the existing properties of the product. The addition of polyethylene wax in rubber makes the rubber have more excellent properties.

Polyethylene waxes in rubber applications have:
1. Anti-ozone aging: polyethylene wax will precipitate out of the rubber surface to form a protective film;
2. Plasticizing to improve the processing performance of rubber: the molecular weight of polyethylene wax is much lower than that of rubber, and its molecular chain can easily enter the rubber molecular chain after adding, making the rubber molecular chain easier to slide;
3. Lubrication (internal lubrication + external lubrication) can improve extrusion performance and reduce shrinkage;
4. Make the rubber compound easier to mix evenly: polyethylene wax enters between the rubber molecular chains, expands the distance between the rubber molecular chains, and at the same time carries low-molecular compounding agents such as rubber molecular chains, making other compounding agents easier to disperse .

Polyethylene wax has the properties of extinction, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, polishing resistance, marking resistance, anti-blocking, anti-precipitation, thixotropy, etc.; good lubricity and processability and metal pigment positioning. Therefore, adding polyethylene wax to rubber is mainly to improve the surface gloss, and it should not exceed 1.5phr. The functions of improving the flow of the rubber compound and demoulding are not significant, especially the skeleton oil seal, which will affect the bonding and play the role of internal lubrication. It is an excellent processing aid.

Nanjing Tianshi has been committed to the R&D and production of polyethylene wax, with advanced R&D equipment and technical personnel, focusing on polyethylene wax, and is committed to building a 10,000-ton polyethylene wax production base. Tianshi’s polyethylene wax has many excellent characteristics, good dispersibility, high gloss, good conveying shear force, improved plasticizing ability of equipment, no migration, precipitation, good dispersion lubricity, dense and tidy masterbatch cross section, Good mechanical properties, good lubricating effect on inorganic powder, no precipitates in equipment die, good surface gloss of downstream products, etc., it has more advantages for rubber products.


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