The Role Of Water-based Waxes In Coatings

2022-10-26   Pageview:655

The role of water-based wax in paint? Water-based waxes are widely used in many fields. Water-based wax emulsion products are widely used in water-based coating materials because of their unique properties and functions.

wax dispertions

1. Change the surface properties of the coating, protect the coating, adjust the gloss and other functions.
The role of waxes in most aqueous surface coating formulations is to change the surface properties of the coating, such as improving coating slip or slip resistance, anti-wear, anti-blocking, changing gloss, water repellency , rust and so on. In use, the wax particles occupy the surface of the coating during the drying process of the coating to form an isolation layer, thus playing a protective role.
2. In some fields, wax emulsions are used as special coating resins. Wax emulsions, especially microemulsions, have some film-forming properties and can form coatings on substrates. Because wax has excellent hardness, polishability, hand feel, water repellency, good chemical resistance, and non-toxicity, wax emulsion-themed coatings are often used in the fields of glazing agents, water repellants, and anti-rust coatings. .
3. isolation and bonding.
Wax is generally considered to have good anti-sticking and barrier properties, so it is often used as a release agent, release agent and other products in papermaking, rubber and plastic processing, metal die-casting and other fields. Among them, polyene wax emulsion is applied more. But what is interesting is that in the packaging water-based sealant products that bond paper products to PE and PP films, there are formulas that use polyene wax emulsions, pine and VAE emulsions, and achieve good results. Polyene wax emulsion mainly increases the adhesion with PE and PP films in the formulation role.

In addition, the application of water-based wax on ink coating is also very important. Water-based wax is an ideal surface for water-based varnishes and water-based varnishes (metal paint, color paint, plastic paint, etc.). Protective agent, anti-friction, anti-scratch, increase slip and gloss. Similar functions are also used in the field of other polishes such as floor wax.


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