Paraffin emulsions for the paper industry

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Paper selection process in the vast majority of the paper inside the addition of internal adhesive material, which can make the paper fiber inherent absorption network film with the desired water resistance strength. Traditional filling agent commonly used resin, such as the use of paraffin emulsions, can replace the traditional resin dosage of 20 % to 40 %. The addition of paraffin wax emulsions can reduce the paper’s moisture absorption, promote the uniform distribution of gum in the paper fiber structure. Another benefit of adding paraffin emulsion is that it can offset the impact of resin binders mixed with a variety of pigments, so the printability can be improved, so that printing efficiency can be increased. The sized paper in the pulper can usually be further refined by its surface adhesive or coating. New varieties of paraffin emulsions are being developed as hydrophobic agents for the production of high-grade printing paper.











Four, epoxy resin and representative powder coating formula
In the epoxy-polyester powder coating bucket, if the polyester resin is regarded as the resin in the film-forming substance, then the epoxy resin can be regarded as the curing agent. artminds paraffin wax As mentioned above 9 in the epoxy-polyester powder coating available polyester resin models and specifications, and acid value and other technical indicators of the range is also very wide, however, the variety of epoxy resin than polyester resin less. At present, the main varieties of epoxy resins used in China are bisphenol A epoxy resins as described above, of which the epoxy value is 0.09~0.14 of E-12 epoxy resin or the bisphenol A solid epoxy resin produced by foreign companies within the range of the technical index. The requirements of epoxy resin and epoxy powder coatings used in the epoxy resin is similar. In epoxy-polyester powder coatings, the most commonly used E-12 epoxy resin has a softening point of 88~93℃ and an epoxy value within the range of 0.11~0.13, which is more than the technical index of E-12 epoxy resin.


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