The Role Of Wax Emulsion In Water-based Paint

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The role of wax emulsion in water-based paint. Wax emulsion is the surface state modifier of water-based paint. The anti-blocking property of the coating is related to the surface free energy and surface microstructure of the coating. , The hardness of the coating is related to the glass transition temperature of the base material of the paint film.

In order to improve the smoothness of the paint film, improve the blocking resistance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and water repellency, and sometimes to disappear, wax emulsion can be added to the paint. Through careful selection of raw materials, strict control of production equipment and processes, and perfect inspection of finished products, the batch-to-batch stability of product quality is guaranteed.

wax dispertions

The wear resistance of wax emulsion is related to the elasticity, toughness, hardness, strength and other factors of the coating. For abrasion resistance and slip resistance, the harder the wax, the better the effect, the particle size of the wax particles is similar to or slightly larger than the coating thickness, and its slip resistance, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance are better because this Wax particles slightly above the surface of the coating act like bearing lubrication. Wax emulsions also have a special touch that is easily accepted by people.
1. Anti-adhesion: Wax emulsion is of great help to the anti-adhesion of the paint film. It is generally believed that the increase of the wax particle size is helpful for the anti-sticking effect, and the wax-based products are more effective than the polyethylene wax-based products.
2. Anti-scratch: The increase of wax particle size is helpful to the anti-scratch and anti-wear of the coating.
3. Water repellency: The wax emulsion provides excellent water repellency, and the “lotus leaf effect” can be achieved after the formulation is optimized.
4. Matting effect: reduce the amount of matting powder, thereby reducing sedimentation and improving the storage stability of the system. It can promote smooth feeling, anti-scratch coating, and improve the anti-polishing effect of matte coating, which are incomparable with silicon-based matting powder alone.

TIANSHI Waterborne Paint Wax Emulsion is a high-density polyethylene wax emulsion used in waterborne paints. It is also suitable for waterborne furniture paints, waterborne toy paints, and outdoor paints. It is resistant to wear and tear. Waterproof, feel, scratch resistance, anti-blocking effect.


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